green handleRenewable fuels are a broad classification of fuels, defined as produced from renewable, non-petroleum sources such as crop waste, animal waste or municipal solid waste and include

  • biofuels (vegetable oil used as fuel, ethanol, methanol from clean energy and carbon dioxide or biomass, biodiesel and renewable diesel),
  • hydrogen fuel (when produced with renewable processes) and
  • fuel synthesized from renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar.

This is in contrast to non-renewable fuels such as natural gas, LPG (propane), petroleum and other fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Renewable fuels have gained in popularity due to their sustainability, low contributions to the carbon cycle, and in some cases, lower amounts of greenhouse gases. The geo-political ramifications of these fuels are also of interest, particularly to industrialized economies that desire oil independence.

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Go Green uses a branded, proven, guaranteed, state-of-the-art, renewable fuel production technology package that efficiently converts renewable fats, oils and greases from animals, plants or algae into renewable, aromatic, drop-in jet fuels (JP-5, JP-8 and Jet A), drop-in diesel fuels (ASTM D 975 and F-76 Naval Distillate) and renewable chemicals. These fuels are ready to use, without blending with petroleum, in turbine and diesel engines designed to operate on petroleum-based fuels and compliant with US EPA requirements. Both the jet and diesel fuels can be injected directly into existing pipelines.

The patented first step in conversion process uses water at high temperature and pressure to crack and cyclize plant oils into lower molecular weight crude oil that is very similar to light sweet petroleum crude without sulfur, metals or other impurities. This process mimics nature but at a much faster rate due to the operating conditions employed. The resulting crude contains oxygen in the form of organic acids that is removed in a second step that uses technology to efficiently and economically hydrotreat the crude into specification-quality, “drop-in” jet and diesel fuels.

Refinery Highlights

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  • barrelRenewable, Drop-In Jet Fuel: JP-5, JP-8 and Jet A
  • Renewable, Drop-In Diesel: ASTM D 975 and F-76 Naval Distillate
  • Naphtha
  • Glycerin

All products to be sold via contract. Customers, including commercial airports and the DOD, will receive renewable fuel produced via existing pipeline.