Carbon-based wastes represent a promising and untapped renewable energy source. Their use as feedstock for the production of carbon and fuel is consistent with the cycle of carbon creation and assimilation. It’s estimated that the United States generates from 1.5 to 2 billion tons of organic waste every year including municipal solid, bio-solids, animal, green, construction and demolition, pulp and paper, plastics, auto shredding and agricultural waste. The nation also disposes of 300 million used tires each year. Approximately one-third of these materials are generated in our local communities and collected and transported to landfills.

US Scrap Tire Facts

  • Number of scrap tires generated annually: 300MM
  • Number of scrap tires in stockpiles: 240MM
  • Number of scrap tire processing facilities: 498
  • Number of scrap tires used as tire-derived fuel: 125MM
  • Percentage of scrap tires from passenger cars: 84%
  • Percentage of scrap tires from light and heavy trucks: 15%
  • Percentage of heavy equipment, aircraft and off-road tires: 1%